Through Intentional Practices, Ritual & Ceremony

We Heal Our Disconnection from the Earth & Begin to

Alchemize the Energy of Our Time










Do You Feel like Something Essential Is Missing? 

Do You Long to Cultivate More Meaning & Purpose in Your Everyday Life?



Never quite "fitting in" I've always questioned "what it is that I'm doing here?" 


My work in health care has led me to question our society, the obvious fact that what is considered "normal" is often unhealthy & out of balance.


As a dreamer, visionary, mystic & most importantly a mother, I've been combing my way through the thick of my own programming, conditioning, traumas, and ancestral wounds. 


I know there is a way we can live more ethical, humane lives, where harmony & abundance isn't just a far off dream. 


To get there all we need to do is CHOOSE IT! Committ to the inner work on ourselves.


You cannot do it for anyone else, you cannot will it for anyone else. You do it for you, and that is how the shift begins. The ripple effect afterwards will be palpable with time.


Moving from feeling stuck in a mundane daily routine with outside expectations, to rich & nurturing rituals & practices that feed your soul.


Ready to Journey with Me?


 The 2021 Membership Year Is Divided into Eight Blocks, Which Aligns with Particular Elements, Chakras, Planets & Zodiac Signs.


We Can Support Our Evolutionary Process By Attuning Our Energy to the Seasons & Cultivating Daily Ritual.  


In Each Block We Celebrate Special Cosmic Alignments  & Engage in Practices & Ceremony. Bringing a Sense of Sacredness & Enchantment into our Daily Lives. 

This New Way of Living is in Harmony with Mother Earth & All Creation, Imparting Us with Wisdom & Knowledge That Has Been Lost for Ages







  • Weekly Yoga/Movement Classes

  • Access to The Archive Resource Library

  • Energy Alignment Ceremony
  • Contemplative Homework & Journaling Prompts
  • Astrology & Nature's Medicine

  • Rituals & Mythology

The Exchange

There is no denying our world & its structures are changing. We are moving towards equality & collaboration, challenging us to find new ways of giving & receiving.

This 3-Tiered pricing model was created with the intention that anyone who wished to participate in this membership was coming with an open heart & a deep soul calling to do their inner work. 

Contact me if you would like to inquire about another energy exchange or would like to collaborate



per month

Middle Ground


per month

Pay It Forward


per month






Are Yoga Classes Live?

No, classes are pre-recorded and released in the membership site every Sunday

Am I Expected to Participate in All the Offerings?

You can participate as much or as little as you like. Although Making Sacred is a platform intended for community connections & continuous inner reflection, we recognize & honour your unique process and trust that you will participate to the extent that you are receiving benefit

What is Involved in the Energy Alignment Ceremonies?

The Energy Alignment Ceremonies are held 8 times per year on the "Power Days" known as the solstices, equinoxes & cross-quarter days of the year. Theses days hold powerful cosmic alignments, as such are celebrated with ceremony, movement, sound healing & energy healing. 

I'm Not Very Flexible, Will I be able to Participate in These Yoga Classes?

The yoga classes are accessible to ALL ages & body types, regardless of your limitations. If you have a specific medical condition that requires disclosure & direction please don’t hesitate to contact me so I can provide you with alternative options that will take your unique needs into consideration

What is Included in The Resource Library?

The Archive is the space you can visit anytime to access past yoga class recordings divided into sections, as well as any extras!  This is great because you can choose what you need day to day without having to do an entire yoga class.

What Kind of Rituals or Projects Will be Offered?

All projects & rituals are offered with the intention to deepen our connection to ourselves & the energy of the season.

Regular projects & rituals include:

  • Creating mandalas & crystal grids
  • Creating seasonal alter & other fun projects

Is There a Time Commitment?

Although it is ideal to join the membership with the intention of continuing the work throughout the entire year, there is no locked in time commitment, payment is due monthly and you may withdraw from the membership at anytime.

 Together We Journey Inwards Through the Deepest Layers of Our Conditioning.


In Search of Our Truth, We Explore the Mysteries That Lie in the Dark & Rejected Parts of Us.





Weekly Yoga Class

Energetically Aligned Classes of the Season, Chakra & Elements

Energy Alignment Ceremonies

Celebratory Ceremonies to Honour the Seasons as They Change


 Rituals & Mythology

Discover Tools, stories and Rituals That Support Your Healing, and Deepen Your Connection to the Divine Within

Contemplation & Journal Prompts

The Deep Inner Work You Will Begin to Cultivate through Practice & Commitment

The word yoga means to unite. That is, to bring together all aspects of our being. A big huddle between the mind, the physical body, and our spirit or essence. Together in balance & harmony we experience our wholeness.

My yoga journey has been shaped by both darkness & light. Great challenge & profound transformation. 

When I was training to be a yoga teacher I allowed myself to be shaped and confined by the practices taught in that particular "lineage," which seriously overrode my own intuition, and the wisdom that my body was trying to communicate to me.

I learned a great deal about myself through this process & began an even deeper journey then I imagined..

Upon a deep and extended period of reflection I discovered that 

  • My body is a female form and loves to move dynamically in flowing movements and forms. Although yoga teaches tall spine & active core. It is equally as important to connect to the playful, sensual & relaxed core & pelvis.

  • The more I connected with the lunar cycles and my own menstrual cycle I noticed at certain times I craved slow, still, yin focused postures, deep relaxation & restorative rest.

  • As someone who is sensitive to the energies of the world around me, I could use tools from my yogic training, energy healing & other areas of study to create an aura clearing & building practice that very helpful at protecting my energy field & clearing it when necessary

  • Yoga is not only physical postures and movements. Yoga is the unity consciousness, yoga is freedom🌟. This neutral place of unity can be achieved in my ways, including movement, pranayama, mantra, dance, stillness & meditation in various forms

So learning all this, and knowing as a lifelong seeker I will continue to grow & evolve, I’m offering yoga to you in an abundance of ways and forms.

Know that no one way is better than the other.

Each experience we have is happening FOR US, to help us to evolve. 

Note: yoga is accessible to ALL ages & body types, regardless of your limitations. If you have a specific medical condition that requires disclosure & direction please don’t hesitate to contact me so I can provide you with alternative options that will take your unique needs into consideration

Prana Flow- largely inspired by kundalini yoga & hatha yoga. These classes use a combination of dynamic movements & holds, as well as pranayama (breath-work) and mantra meditation.

Soulful Yin Yoga- yin yoga with a guided mindfulness & gratitude narration. Basically I talk you through the resistance that you are holding, and guide you to meet yourself from a place of love & gratitude.

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To Emerge From Our

Cacoon of Conditioning

and into Our Authenticity,

We Must Relearn How to Align with

Mother Gaia & Universal Energies.

  • Elisa Wiebe

    “Practicing with Elisa provides a truly wholesome experience. Her gentle and open nature inspires each individual to bring out their best self and work at their own pace. She creates a beautiful, safe and inviting space where one can truly ease into the deep practice of Kundalini, from beginner to advanced without judgement. She is natural born teacher and guide and I highly recommend experiencing what she has to offer.”

    Co-Founder Spa Botanica

  • Elisa Wiebe

    “Such an awesome experience yesterday with Kundalini yoga! Could sense things I didn’t even realize were around me. Elisa is an incredible instructor and was extremely helpful and thorough in explaining processes, breathing exercises, etc. I would highly recommend trying this type of Yoga!”

  • Elisa Wiebe

    “My experience with Elisa and her Kundalini Yoga class series are truly transformative and wholesome. She is an amazing teacher and guide. Her presences is very calming and grounded, and she makes one feel very comfortable in her classes. I highly recommend to all who are needing some body and soul wellness they need to be at Elisa’s Kundalini Yoga classes! I have referred friends and family and I always hear nothing but amazing feedback. I can’t wait to start the fall sessions with her!!! She is truly an amazing Goddess, Woman and Mentor”

    Founder of Cosmic Bella Oracle

  • Elisa Wiebe

    “ I have never felt this connected to a practice before. I cannot wait until next class. Thank you”

    Co-Founder of Thirst Tea

  • Elisa Wiebe

    “What a unique practice! It’s an experience we should all get the pleasure of having”

  • Elisa Wiebe

    “Elisa, you are an amazing Kundalini Yoga teacher! I love your energy and passion to share your knowledge with others. After I experienced a tragic loss this past year you were incredibly supportive to me. I will never forget the wonderful Yoga Class that you did for me - "Honour the Departed & Move through Grief", it helped me immensely. ”

  • Elisa Wiebe

    “I’ve attended some of Elisas classes, both online and in yurt! While classes in the natural environment of the yoga yurt are intimate and grounding, Elisa is still able to exude that same sense of calmness and gratitude in her online classes. Looking forward to more of her teachings!🙏🏻 ”

    Deb Benning

  • Elisa Wiebe

    ““Elisa is an amazing teacher. I find her energy both calming and energizing at the same time. I leave each of her classes feeling grounded and centered. She is a beautiful soul and a talented teacher. If your thinking of taking a class with her just sign up you will be glad you did.””